Part No LED selection Guide

In order to server our customer better, we provide our part no system here. Checking with the files, you will easily get to know what the part no meaning

LED seven segment, called also LED numeric display, is widly applied in home appliance panel display and other application.

LED7segment part no

LED dot matrix is widly used in LED screen indoor and semi-outdoor

led dot matrix display part no

LEDs, Light Emitting diodes, which include various small kinds, such as 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm; round type, rectangular type square type, tower type, Oval leds, ellipticall, flat top; SMDs, high power leds, prinhan LEDs

led lamp part no

high power leds part no

LED light is widely applied in instrument show box, elevator,etc

led light bar part no

For your easily check with our part no system, we also provide you the PDF version, please download it here

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